The «Big Pause» is the short break that we allow ourselves in order to process the barrage of information which we receive.
This minimum interval is the big breath before the next big dip.

moments of pause

There are turning points in our lives that we perceive as «point 0,» when we had to make a big decision and we said a big YES or a big NO and it changed everything.
Before that, there were many small «meaningless» or dead moments, where our thoughts were lost in nowhere, where our internal processes were absent.
Small silences of the mind, loss of control of consciousness, absence in some way or so we think.
But if our brain was an illuminated map, we could see many red and green lights flashing, like a Christmas tree or lanterns signifying something important.
Only we do not recognize it when it happens. But it happens.
And then sometime the Big Bang comes- EUREKA and we say the great Yes or the big NO that is the result of these so-called small and dead and meaningless moments.
This series is dedicated to these meaningless moments when the mind runs along universes that we can not see but that do exist, like small pieces of the puzzle coming together to contribute to what we later call a turning point in our lives.

Eva Bournia